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Present Moment Podcast Episode: 008
Linda Lantieri: The Inner Resilience Program
Linda Lantieri talks about The Inner Resilience Program Interview with Ted Meisser of Present Moment Mindfulness Practice & Science 30 minutes
Linda Lantieri -Keynote excerpt from 2013 Bridging the Hearts and Minds of Youth Linda Lantieri's keynote talk at the 2013 Bridging Hearts & Minds of Youth conference called Cultivating the Inner Lives of Students and Teachers 8:38
Ohio Congressman's Meditation Crusade report featuring Juanita Rogers' classroom's work with The Inner Resilience Program

February 9, 2013

The Inner Resilience Program at the Chatsworth Elementary School: Documenting a Contemplative Education Initiative

Documentary footage of Chatsworth Elementary School's experience with the Inner Resilience Program

June, 2012

Ryan Takes 'Mindfulness' to Inner-City Schools

Reported by Dan O'Brien, The Business Journal Daily Buzz,

April 20, 2012

Ryan's Book Reveals His Mind(fulness)

Reported by Andrea Wood, The Business Journal Daily Buzz,

April 13, 2012

The Role of Mindfulness in Education Dr. Jon Kabat-Zinn, February 17, 2012 1:42:13
A Mindful Nation with Congressman Tim Ryan Both inspiring and pragmatic, A Mindful Nation shows how the benefits of mindfulness apply to the current challenges that affect each of us in our own lives and in our communities, and thus have implications for our society as a whole - Hay House, February 14, 2012 7:03
Presentation by FAROS Hospital Sant Joan de Déu and Fundación Eduardo Punset 1:40:45

An Evening with Sraddhalu Ranade: Educating the Whole Person in the 21st Century

*Watch Part 1 here.

* Watch Part 2 here.

*Click here for the transcript (PDF)

Held at The Open Center in New York with introductory remarks by Linda Lantieri and Barbara Sargent, Executive Director of the Kalliopeia Foundation, followed by presentation and Q & A session - October 20, 2011. (3 parts)
Social & Emotional Learning in Anchorage School District Jennifer Buffet and Timothy Shriver discuss the importance of SEL and congratulate ASD for national leadership in this area - Summer 2011. 6:36
Morlene Chin reports on how teachers are discussing 9/11 with students, and interviews Linda Lantieri  - September 7, 2011 0:51

The Inner Resilience Program's work in SEK Schools in Madrid

April, 2010

Linda Lantieri Interviewed by Eduard Punset Linda Lantieri speaks with Eduard Punset about Social and Emotional Learning 7:32
Educating World Citizens for the 21st Century Linda Lantieri speaks about about compassion and empathy with a distingushed panel including the Dalai Lama. Used with permission of The Mind and Life Institute - October 9, 2009 (5 parts)
An Introduction to Social and Emotional Learning As co-founder of the Resolving Conflict Creatively Program, Linda Lantieri helps introduce Social and Emotional Learning for - January 29, 2010. 4:11
Meditation and Emotional Education Linda Lantieri interviews with Redes para la Ciencia, Redes 50, December 20, 2009. Cited on Daily by Raulespert - January 9, 2010.  12:12
Stop. Think. Act. PBS NewsHour visits a school that implements Social and Emotional Learning.  Produced by John Tulenko and Cat McGrath   - July 21, 2009. 8:04
Social and Emotional Learning at P.S. 24 Reporter John Tulenko talks to Tom Roderick about Social and Emotional Learning - July 20, 2009. 4:08
Dear Mr. President Linda Lantieri participates as an esteemed panelist on March 24, 2009 for "Dear Mr. President: Illuminating the Current Landscape of Education & Igniting its Future Trajectory" at Tenafly High School in Tenafly, NJ.  Video available on program website.  
Selling SEL: An Interview with Daniel Goleman
The author of Emotional Intelligence speaks on the value of social and emotional learning. - December 10, 2007.
Resolving Conflict Creatively The Resolving Conflict Creatively Program helps develop emotional intelligence in Brooklyn inner-city students.
The Resolving Conflict Creatively Program (RCCP) is still in place at Patrick F. Daly School. More information about the RCCP can be found at the Web site for Educators for Social Responsibility.