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Dear Friends and Colleagues,

Many of you are aware that in July 2017, I “honorably closed” The Inner Resilience Program as I made room in my life for the next inner calling of work that was for me to do in the world. I am excited to share that I am helping to birth and lead a year-long journey with a compassionate learning community of 30-50 people who will be answering the call as well to be part of:

Transformative Educational Leadership
A Year-Long Journey in Mindfulness-Based Social, Emotional, Academic and Ethical Learning for K-12 Systemic Change

I am fortunate to be taking this purposeful step with two dear friends and colleagues Meena Srinivasan and Daniel Rechtschaffen as well as many other inspiring guest faculty including Sheryl Petty, Yvette Jackson, Patricia Jennings, Daniel Goleman, Marc Brackett, Brendan Ozawa-De Silva, Hector Montenegro, Lisa Flook, Shauna Shapiro, Michael Yellow-Bird.

In order to be ready for the transformational shift many of us are hoping and working for in our educational systems worldwide, we need people who are prepared to be leaders who are able to be the change we wish to see in our schools. Are you an educational leader who wishes to join this movement to be better equipped to integrate mindfulness-based social, emotional, academic and ethical learning into schools and school systems worldwide?

Please take a moment and search whether you are being called to be part of this growing network of transformative educational leaders who are ready and willing – as my dear friend Parker Palmer talks about –  “to do the work before the work.”

  • Is this journey for you?
  • Are you meant to send this to someone in your community who needs to know?
  • Will you help us get the word out and post the following on your Facebook Page?

Transformative Educational Leadership is a first-of-its-kind, year-long training for educational leaders to integrate mindfulness-based social, emotional, academic and ethical learning into schools and school systems worldwide. Learn at the Omega Institute and online with core leaders Linda Lantieri, Daniel Rechtschaffen, Meena Srinivasan, and a guest faculty that includes Daniel Goleman, Yvette Jackson, Marc Bracket, Patricia Jennings.

With leaders in the fields of education, research, contemplative neuroscience, and resilience, we will be accessing the best evidence-based practices, curricula, and strategies for systemic educational transformation. In this year of training, both on campus at the Omega Institute and online, educational leaders will be better equipped to:

  • Cultivate self-care and community-care, utilizing practices for developing resilience, focus, and wellness.
  • Interpret and integrate decades of research and theoretical knowledge in Social and Emotional Learning (SEL), mindfulness practices and neuroscience for practical application.
  • Understand and more skillfully work with stress and trauma in students, teachers and communities.
  • Hold an equity lens by integrating restorative and culturally sustaining pedagogical practices into one’s work.
  • Engage in a cycle of continuous improvement and practice data-driven decision-making.

For more information check out our Website
To  apply for limited space now- Click Here

If you would like to be in touch with me directly to learn more about this exciting endeavor, please feel free to email me at

Thank you for sharing in this next step of the work I am doing in the world in whatever way feels right for you.


Linda Lantieri

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