Columbia Teachers College SMBI

Linda is involved in designing and teaching the k-12 Spirituality in Education strand of the Spirituality Mind Body Institute Masters Program in Psychology & Education at Columbia University, Teachers College.  She is teaching a year-long concentration that includes a summer course titled Cultivating the Spiritual Dimension in K-12 Education, a fall course titled Schools with Spirit: Cultivating the Social, Emotional and Inner Lives of Teachers and Students and a spring practicum titled Contemplative Teaching and Learning in schools in New York City. Linda was appointed as an Adjunct Assistant Professor in the Summer of 2014 when this program first began.


The Spirituality Mind Body Institute’s (SMBI) Intensive Master’s Program at Teachers College, Columbia University is the first Ivy League graduate program dedicated to merging spirituality and evidence-based research within the context of clinical psychology.

The SMBI Intensive provides an innovative framework in which students translate their inner journeys into outer change. As an incubator for experiential learning and teaching, contemplative inquiry, collaboration and research, the SMBI Summer Intensive allows for students to connect to themselves and their work on a deeper level. They are provided with opportunities to build their own curriculum, implement long-term projects and conduct studies in the concentration of their particular interest.

At the heart of the program is a spiritual foundation that fosters connection and collaboration through a dynamic exchange of ideas among students, faculty and special guest lecturers. This structure allows for ongoing support through the process of personal and professional transformation. The SMBI Intensive is designed to build a global community of inspiring educators, mind-body healers, spiritual activists, mental health professionals and visionaries to catalyze a paradigm shift in education.

Core Values:

  • Inner, experiential development for more meaningful outer implementation and change
  • Sustainability within the context of interpersonal growth
  • Integrative and interdisciplinary approach to learning rooted in traditional forms of psychology
  • Spiritual leadership development for self-actualization
  • Innovative, collaborative thinking geared towards an emerging generation of service oriented leaders

Students who graduate from the SMBI Intensive program receive a Master’s degree in Clinical Psychology and Education with a concentration in Spirituality and Mind Body Practice.