Linda Lantieri has presented nationally and internationally and is available for keynote presentations, facilitating workshops and retreats, and offering specific technical assistance for educators and families for Pre K-12 schools and educational organizations. Her work covers a range of topics, including:

Social and Emotional Learning and Emotional Intelligence

Social and Emotional Learning: The Need, the Field, the Concepts

What Successful Social and Emotional Learning Implementation Looks Like

Cultivating Adult SEL Skills – the Competencies of Emotional Intelligence

Leading a School with SEL in Mind

The Compelling Research on SEL and Emotional Intelligence

Waging Peace in Our Schools – Cultivating the Skills of Conflict Resolution in Adults and Students

Contemplative Teaching and Learning – Cultivating the Inner Lives of Educators, Students and Parents

Restoring Our Spirits – Nurturing the Inner Lives of Teachers and Children

Renewing Our Sense of Calling as Educators

How Mindfulness and SEL Can Work Together

What a Mindful Approach to School Leadership Looks Like

Cultivating Mindful Awareness Practices in the Classroom

The Mindful School Leader – Cultivating Full Presence

Building Inner Resilience in Ourselves and Our Children

A Vision of Schools with Heart and Spirit

A Changing Vision of Education – Transforming Teaching and Learning in Pre-k – 12 Schools

Social and Emotional Learning as a Lever for School Transformation

Moving from Reforming to Transforming Our Schools

Exploring Structural Inequities that Inhibit School Transformation

The Role of Ethics and Systems Thinking in a New Vision of Education

Social, Emotional, Ethical and Systems Thinking in Transforming K-12 Education